DECOLORVIT PLUS All-purpose bleaching powder

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For hair lightening
500 g

A compact, non-volatile bleaching powder that is ideal for strong and fast super-lightening.

Guarantees uniform lightening of both natural and colour-treated hair.

Designed for all bleaching and lightening techniques.

DECOLORVIT plus, mixed exclusively with DECOLORVIT active use, makes it possible to lighten by up to 7 tones, ensuring the hair structure remains intact, thanks to its particular components.

Easy to blend and apply, the mixture is smooth, uniform and compact.

Its blue colour helps to neutralize warm highlights.

Fragrance: apple.

Active principles:
Guar gum: restores the surface hydrolipid film. Makes the hair elastic and shiny and has a lasting protective effect on the hair fiber treated.

Directions for use and preparation:
The best results are achieved when used with DECOLORVIT active use. Compatible with all bleaching and lightening techniques.
Standard texture: 1+2 [e.g.: 1 measure of DECOLORVIT plus powder + 2 measures (60 ml) of DECOLORVIT active use 10 volumes (3%), 20 volumes (6%), 30 volumes (9%), 40 volumes (12%)].
Specific texture: 1+1 or 1+1.5 depending on the desired consistency and the technique to be used.

Packaging: 500 g

Only for professional use.

DECOLORVIT PLUS All-purpose...