DECOLORVIT ART Decoloring cream treating multi-creative

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For hair lightening
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Decoloring cream, ultra-cosmetic, respects the hair fiber, and it's particularly indicated for dry and colored hair.


  • The creamy texture guarantees maximum safety in the salon since there are no volatile powders. 
  • Easy to mix and apply, it lightens the hair gently, leaving it shining, soft, moisturized and manageable.
  •  Does not drip, dry or swell. 
  • Mixed exclusively with DECOLORVIT OXY, it gives a gradual lightening up to 7 tones, reducing effectively the yellow tones.

Active priciples:

GUAR GUM: restores the surface hydrolipid film. Makes the hair elastic and shiny and has a lasting protective effect on the hair fiber treated. JOJOBA OIL: with a high content of natural lipids and vitamin E, it has a thorough moisturizing, soothing and antioxidant effect, making the hair shiny and easy to comb. HYDROLYZED KERATIN: creates a conditioning film on the surface of the hair, leaving it healthy and soft.

Directions for use and preparation:

In a non-metal basin, mix 1 part DECOLORVIT ART and 2 parts DECOLORVIT OXY at 10, 20, 30 or 40 volumes depending on the lightening level desired. Use it on dry hair. Leave on, checking on the development of the lightening every 5 minutes, for not more than 55 minutes. The developing time depends on the condition of the hair. When the developing time is finished rinse well with lukewarm water and shampoo with specific products from the ONCARE line. For more shine and protection, follow up with a conditioner from the ONCARE line. Do not use heat sources. The product should not touch the skin.



For professional use only.

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