FIX CONTROL Versatile fixing spray

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For hair styling
300 ml


From SELECTIVE PROFESSIONAL research laboratories NOW NEXT GENERATION the styling & finishing line for those who love to express themselves in their look, from the most daring to the most traditional ones!

NOW NEXT GENERATION products offer excellent quality, making it possible to create marvellous styles in an extremely easy way.

Designed to define, control and enhance the final result, with utmost respect for hair health.

Each product has its own identity that changes when it gets in touch with the wearer.

Thanks to the exclusive technology "COLOR SHIELD" NOW NEXT GENERATION products keep hair looking and feeling healthy, elastic, soft and glossy.

Exclusive Brown Seaweed extract, the key element of COLOR SHIELD technology, helps protect hair from external agents and the negative effects of ageing

FIX CONTROL Versatile fixing spray

Versatile foxing spray. Strong and elastic fixing spray. Makes it possible to comb and work hair, without hardening it or making it sticky. Dries quickly.

Tames hair for long-lasting natural effects. Protects hair from humidity.


  • Ultra-light diffusion that maintains the style without weighing hair down or leaving any residue.
  • Reflects the natural shine of hair and protects against frizz and humidity.
  • Perfects the finishing touch of any style with elastic hold.

Active principles:

PANTHENOL: Provitamin B5 penetrates the hair, keeping it hydrated, flexible and full of body. Gives opaque and damaged hair renewed glossiness, volume and vitality.

MEMORY-EFFECT RESIN: Guarantees long-lasting shape and support to any hairstyle and in any condition.

Directions for use:

Shake well before use. Spray finely onto dry hair from a distance of approximately 30 cm. Ideal for finishing any hairstyle.

Packaging: 300 ml

FIX CONTROL Versatile...