ALL IN ONE Multi-treatment hair spray for all types of hair

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All in One
Use for
For colored hair
For post-procedure care
150 ml

Multi-treatment hair spray, for all types of hair.

Consisting and nutritious as a mask, practical and fast as a spray; many properties into one product. Multi-treatment hair spray for all types of hair.

ALL IN ONE is a spray mask that combines 15 different benefits in a single product:

  1. It repairs damaged hair
  2. It prevents split ends
  3. It nourishes the hair
  4. It moisturises dry hair
  5. It protects the hair from UV rays
  6. It gives the hair body and volume
  7. It conditions the hair without weighing it down
  8. It makes the hair easy to comb
  9. It makes the hair soft and silky
  10. It smoothens the cuticle
  11. It eliminates frizz
  12. It protects the hair from heat
  13. It facilitates the use of iron and straightener
  14. It keeps the set in longer
  15. It leaves the hair shining and healthy

Active principles
Extract of moringa (Moringa oleifera): rich in oils and proteins, it has strengthening, conditioning and protective qualities.
Silk proteins: with hydrating, filmogen and conditioning properties.
Panthenol (pro-Vitamin B5): a multifunctional vitamin with hydrating, nourishing and conditioning properties.
Sun filter: protects from UV rays.

Directions for use:

After washing the hair and blotting it with a towel, spray the product over the hair from a distance of bout 20 cm. Comb to distribute it through the hair. Do not rinse out and go ahead with styling.

Use the product for moisturising, freshening up the set and protecting the hair. Spray onto the palm of the hand, distribute along the hair to the tips, and reset the hair as desired.

Packaging: 150 ml

ALL IN ONE Multi-treatment...