MILD TEXTURE Mild semi permanent wave

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Mild Texture
Use for
For chemical curling
250 ml

Innovative waving product that guarantees semi-permanet results with natural effects, that fully respect the hair fibres.
It lasts from 8 to 10 weeks depending on the hair type, the waving technique and the maintenance products used. It gives to the hair new form and texture, leaving it soft, shiny and lively. A single formula for differente hair types, allowing the wavign effect to be varied by modifying the resting time: from 5 minutes for more sensitized hair up to 25 minutes for more resistant hair and/or chemically treated (maximum 50% of streaked hair). Just a single step, without the neutralizing phase, for quicker and more pleasant treatment. 

Active principles
Natural active wave: derived from cysteine, a structural amino acid of the hair, this product efficaciously modifies the keratin structure of the hair more delicately and gradually compared to the thioglycolates present in traditional permanent products. Silk proteins: preserve hair structure during the lightening process.
Extract of magnolia: with a calming, conditioning and antioxidant action. 

Directions for use and preparation
Eliminate impurities from the hair by washing delicately with ONcare pre-tech shampoo. Apply ONcare equalizer spray to regulate hair porosity and to make it easier to comb.
Wind locks onto the rollers according to the technique being used and the desired final results.
Starting from the top of the head, apply on every roller, spraying downwards from a distance of 1-3 cm. Resting time: from 5 to 25 minutes. Check curling every 5 minutes.
When the desired results have been obtained, rinse with warm water for 5 minutes. Delicately remove the rollers without pulling. Then proceed with styling or with the application of MILD BOOSTER, depending on the desired results (semi-permanent or permanent). 

MILD TEXTURE Mild semi...