BLUWAVE 2 a wave perm for long-lasting and defined curls

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For chemical curling
250 ml


A pleasantly fragranced perm. Makes it possible to achieve long-lasting, defined waves that fully respect the nature of the hair beirg treated.


Available in 3 different formulas:

  • 0 for hair that is difficult to curl.
  • 1 for normal and fine hair.
  • 2 for bleached and dyed hair.



Keratin Amino Acids are a complex mix of amino acids. Thanks to their low molecular weight they penetrate the cuticle, hydrating and strengthening it from within. They help to re-establish the correct hydration necessary for healthy hair. BLUWAVE FIX is formulated with a stabilized pH acid to effectively balance alkaline residues.



Apply BLUWAVE to clean, towel-dried hair that has been curled around rollers. Allow to rest. Apply BLUWAVE FIX and allow to rest for 5 minutes, carefully remove the rollers and apply BLU FIX again, massaging delicately. Allow to rest for another 5 minutes then rinse thoroughly in plenty of warm water for 3 minutes.

8/12 minutes on treated hair.

15 minutes on natural hair or natural hair that is difficult to treat.


Only for professional use

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