MILD BOOSTER Specific booster liquid for MILDTEXTURE

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Mild Booster
Use for
For chemical curling
1000 ml
Specific booster liquid for MILDTEXTURE with dog rose extract. Developed to realize a permanent waving service even on very sensitive hair. With MILDTEXTURE restructures the hair fibre and allows to obtain a strongly defined and lasting waves up to 15 weeks. 

Active principles
Extract of dog rose: with a protective, toning, antioxidant and conditioning action.
Hydrolyzed wheat proteins: with restructuring, nutrient and moisturizing functions. They visibly enhance hair volume without an electrostatic effect.
Sericin: with the capacity to bond to hair keratin, regenerating and reinforcing hair fibres from the inside. 

Directions for use and preparation
After the resting time of MILDTEXTURE, rinse for at least 10 minutes without removing the rollers. Pat off the excess water. 
Distribute MILDBOOSTER evenly. Leave to rest for 5 minutes.
Remove the rollers and apply MILDBOOSTER again on the length of the hair and the tips. Leave to rest for 2-3 minutes. Rinse and proceed with styling.
1000 ml
For professional use only.

MILD BOOSTER Specific...